Pyxis-IC Station Productivity Userware

This is a collection of (hopefully) usefull productivity enhancements of Mentor Graphics Pyxis tools. It is developed for DMGR based Flow and on version 2008.2, v9.0 and v10.x of Pyxis IC-Station.
It would be nice to get notice about feedback. Please send a short notice to cparg(at)gmx_de


Browse the latest AMPLE Sources here. Getting the Source Checkout the sources using git: git clone git:// ProductivityTB


Common functionality

Pyxis IC-Station Layout / ic

Pyxis Project Manager / dmgr_ic

Pyxis Schematic / da_ic

Coding Guidelines

  • Ample
  • ICgraph
  • Browse the AMPLE sources in the GIT Repository

    AMPLE Syntax Highlighting

    The KDE Editors Kate and KWrite can make use of AMPLE syntax highlighting.
    The pattern know almost all documented AMPLE Functions.
    KDE 4.4.2 Kwrite: Go to Settings / Configure Editor / Open&Save / Mode & Filetypes / Download Highlighting Files / AMPLE
    The download is actually a SVN checkout. kio-svn component might be needed.


    Here is a little Python Example how to speak with the Eldo-Interactive Mode. It requires the pexpect Python Module.
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